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CSIverse Big Bang

A 15K fanfic writing challenge

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Welcome to csi_bigbang, a community that challenges you to write a 15K story in the span of a few months, and have accompanying graphics to it. We have a few simple rules, so please read them carefully:Authors:
1 - You are required to write 15,000 words. There is no upper limit.

2 - WIPs are allowed, as long as they are less than 3,000 words.

3 - We allow crossovers within the franchise, so you may write each individual show as well as CSI/CSI: Miami, CSI/CSI: NY, CSI: Miami/CSI: NY and CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI: NY. We do not allow crossovers with other shows.

4 - Up to two people may write a single fic for the challenge. No more than two people to a fic, though.

5 - You may write more than one story.

6 - There are two check-ins, and if you do not check in at those times you will not be allowed to finish your participation in the challenge.

7 - The story summary should include a short description of your story, pairings involved, and necessary warnings. This doesn't have to be what you stick in the header, it's what the artists will be seeing and basing their claims on. Story summaries will be given a number and posted anonymously, so artists won't know which author they're doing art for until after the claiming is over (in order to avoid bias).

8 - The rough draft you hand in on June 17 does not need to be polished or betaed. It does need to have an ending or enough of an ending for your artist to have something to work with.

9 - Stories may not be posted elsewhere until after they have gone live at the csi_bigbang. Stories must be beta-read prior to posting.

1 - You must make at least one graphic, fanmix, or video for each fic you take on. You are more than welcome to make more, but there is a one item minimum.

2 - Fanmixes must be at least 10 songs and no more than 15. Vids should be at least [30 seconds?]. Art may be in any medium you want, any size you want within reason (authors are working for three months on these stories; making just one icon for them is a little uncool).

3 - You do not need to host your own art if you don't wish. The mods can make hosting arrangements; please contact us if necessary.

4 - Artists will not be assigned this year, but will have the chance to select the fic they want to create art for. Story summaries will be given a number and posted anonymously, so artists won't know which author they're doing art for until after the claiming is over (in order to avoid bias).

Betas and Cheerleaders:
1 - No bashing of fics. Constructive criticism only.

2 - Betas and Cheerleaders will not be assigned this year, but will be available in the beta and cheerleader pools to be contacted by authors who may need assistance.


1 -To participate you must fill out the appropriate form (writer, graphics artists/vidders, beta or cheerleader). You are allowed to sign up for more than one thing (ie. you can sign up as a writer and a beta).

2 - You have until June 19th (when stories get matched with art) to let us know that you're withdrawing from the Big Bang. Dropping out after that (barring emergency) will disqualify you from participating in the next round. If you withdraw before then, you're welcome to continue to participate in the Big Bang as a beta/cheerleader/artist. Regardless of when you withdraw, you must contact the mods (via email at csibigbang@gmail.com or via a mod post) to let us know that you won't be continuing to avoid disqualification.


The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, March 25- start sign-ups
Thursday, April 29- writers' sign-ups end, first author check in (5K)
Thursday, May 27- second check in (10K); artist sign-ups end
Thursday, June 24- rough draft due and story summaries due (15K)
Saturday, June 26- story summaries go up for artists to select from
Saturday, July 24 - final drafts and art due
Monday, July 26 - posting begins


We have a sister community, csibigbang_vent, for the use of writers while they are working on their fics, and graphics artists/vidders while they are working on their graphics/videos. We encourage you to make use of the community, and for cheerleaders to join as well.
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