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Summary selection for artists

We have three wonderful story summaries for our artists to choose from!

Artists: Please respond to this post with your selection number in the comment title and you email address in the body of your comment. Thank you!

1. Inside [CSI:NY] {Danny/Lindsay}
Set after 'Run Silent Run Deep': Danny is trying to handle what happened to his brother and asks Lindsay for support. Things get complicated though as someone tries to kill Louie at the hospital.

2. The Game [CSI:NY] {Flack/Angell, some Danny/Lindsay}
When the team are called to the body of a young woman they find themselves forced to play a game, find the next victim in time or they die. With evidence scarce, the rules changing and the consequences of failure getting worse, will the team be able to stop the killer and hold themselves together?

3. Untitled [CSI:NY] {N/A (gen)}
Simple street cop Danny Messer is forced to give up what he loves when he is matched as a blood Donor to the vampire Mac Taylor and is supposed to center his life around the vampire's needs now. He struggles with what is happening to him, even despite the support from Mac's other Donor, Don Flack, when suddenly someone from his past comes back and kidnaps both him and Flack. It's up to Danny and Don now to survive this abduction and find their way back to where they belong.



Jul. 1st, 2010 07:52 am (UTC)